Output 3

The RoboScientists teacher training curriculum details the pedagogical framework of the RoboScientists project. It focuses on the pedagogical metodologies that will be practiced in the classroom by the teachers and the process of introducing the projects in the class. The training curriculum provides examples for teachers on how to work with the students, deal with possible challenges, support project-based and collaborative learning experiences towards robotic constructions in real classroom settings.

Apart from this, the training methodology for teacher training is described (training objectives, methods, rationale and more). The teachers will go through the projects that have been designed for the students (see O2) as well as other practical tasks in order to become familiar with the proposed methodologies and the robotic construction process.

For this reason, in the context of O3, additional OERs will be developed with the aim of supporting and better preparing the teachers in carrying out the RoboScientists learning intervention in the class (guidelines, illustrations and more).

Special focus is places in boosting the DIY spirit through the teacher training curriculum and for this reason special emphasis will be placed on the development of relevant resources for teachers (i.e. case studies, good practices, inspirational stories).

Pedagogical considerations, methodologies and tips for teachers

Pedagogical considerations (video recording)

Pedagogical considerations (part 1)

Pedagogical considerations (part 2)

Technical and pedagogical guidelines for teachers for the 6 projects

Additional resources for teachers

An easy to start with activity with electrical circuit making

Presentation – interactive paper modeling


Documentation of case studies

Examples of robotic artefacts constructions

Evaluation tools

Pre and post questionnaires available in English, Latvian, Polish and Greek click here

Questionnaires for teachers click here

Validation report click here

Annexes click here