The project

RoboScientists project aims to inspire secondary school students (13-17 years old) in making STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fields a career choice by introducing them in robotic artefact construction. The students are encouraged to construct their own robotic artefacts exploring at the same time the underpinning subject topics (i.e. mechanics, electronics, programming) and concepts of physics and other STEM related disciplines. To scaffold their “educational adventures” a set of project scenarios, tools, videos and technical tutorials are designed. The project focuses also on teachers’ professional development in STEM teaching and supports them in updating their teaching skills and designing engaging learning experiences for their students by using low cost technologies, tools and materials for robotic artefact construction. Boosting the DIY (Do IT Yourself) spirit is central to RoboScientists and for this reason the teacher training curriculum will be enriched with relevant case studies from the world of business, inspirational stories and good practices.

Pilots with secondary school students will be carried out in Poland, Greece and Latvia. In addition, STEM Clubs will be established in the participating schools. Robotic artefact creation, STEM Clubs establishment and exposure in inspirational cases studies from the world of business can set a basis whereupon the students can craft a learning path that will help them meaningfully explore STEM and develop a mindset of creativity and innovation.