Output 2

This output moves a step forward, and places the technical aspects into an educational context. In the context of Output 2, the 6 projects that will be carried out by the students are described through an easy to grasp overview. The projects are interdisciplinary in nature and allow students to explore several aspects/topics in STEM. The projects come along with worksheets for students and other supportive educational resources that can be used by them in order to carry out the project (i.e. videos, external links, half-baked solutions).

The 6 projects: click here

The lighthouse project: click here

The sunflower project: click here

The smart light project: click here

The theremin project: click here

The DIY automobile: click here

The weather station: click here

Firmata for Ultrasonic: click here

Firmata for Buzzer: click here

Translated resources for students (Polish | Greek | Latvian)

Full video gallery