Output 4

In the context of this output a reference guide for teachers will be developed to support them in establishing STEM clubs in secondary schools (but also in other educational settings). This guide will bring together authentic experiences from successful STEM Clubbers, good practices, and step by step instruction on how to start and run a STEM Club and how to smoothly engage young students into the STEM Club daily operation and activities.

The guide will be given in an easy to grasp manner and will include tips and suggestions and frequently encountered challenges by teachers and many other educational practitioners. Exemplar activities will be also described with focus on how to create an engaging environment where new ideas for robotic projects are generated, STEM in creatively practiced, students take an active role and people from different disciplines but with interest in STEM are met and join forces. The guide will also respond to participating school needs and limitations.

Design a STEM Club -template for teachers

The Roboscientists guide for developing an in-school STEM Club