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C2 training in Athens

The C2 training event in Athens was completed successfully on October 2, 2019! Our new challenges? To find a thoughtful place for maker projects in the school curriculum and introduce students in DIY culture, hands-on and making practices towards robotic artefact construction. Congratulations to all the participants for their enthusiastic and meaningful engagement in the…
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C2 training event

The C2 training event in Athens (at Επαλ Κορυδαλλού) is just around the corner! From Sept 9 to Oct 2 we proceed with two new projects towards robotic artefact construction: the smART light and the Theremin! The Produino Kit will be also introduced by Engino Education! Pedagogical and technical issues related to robotic artefact construction will be…
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A new start for EPAL

On June 29th, the 1st EPA.L of Korydallos took part with a short presentation and a poster in the event “A New Start for EPAL” that was organised by the Greek Ministry of Education. The event was carried out in the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens. The Roboscientists objectives and forthcoming activities were…
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C1 training workshop

The first training workshop will be carried out in Warsaw on April 15-17, 2019. The project members and the teachers will be introduced in the pedagogical and technical framework of the project and in teams will explore the fun of making! More updates will follow.